The Developing Golf Sponsorship Package



The Developing Golf Sponsorship (DGS) package is a 55 page guide to capital formation for professional golfers, created by Canadian Tour veteran and former full-time professional competitor Greg Jerolaman. It was painstakingly designed for the serious player and has been refined by hundreds of hours of work and experience in raising sponsorship funds for himself and others. It is predicated on the fact you absolutely must possess adequate funding to be able to devote all your time and effort to perfecting your game, and without paralyzing financial worries, if you wish to achieve the caliber of play necessary to make your living in the highly competitive world of professional golf. 

Whether you are presently playing professionally, trying to get from behind the pro shop counter, aspiring to a senior tour career, fresh out of college or from a promising amateur career, DGS will supply you with all the details and assistance you will need to easily raise money from individuals and businesses in order to achieve your financial and professional goals. Professionally bound and printed, this package is an all-inclusive resource that will work hand-in-hand with you to raise the funds you need to compete full-time. It is an unbeatable, totally unique reference tool and we are proud of its proven record of helping many others (see Success Stories).

Greg Jerolaman’s experience in raising money for his own playing career from 1990-92 (he raised $36,000 during a two week period in April, 1990, for an eight month season, and $48,000 in December,1990 for the entire 1991 season) provided him with the personal experience necessary to put together this manual. During this time he competed on the Canadian Tour and various mini-tours on a full-time basis and after which he became self-supportive for the 1992 season. 

After having put together his own customized professional business proposals to successfully raise his sponsorship money, many players with little or no sponsorship began asking to see these proposals and inquired as to how they could have something similar. Sensing a need, he then began assisting others raise money for their careers and consequently, has now published and copyrighted this complete Business Plan, sharing his and others experience and ideas to assist even more players raise money with this innovative and proven method. Thus far, the results have been impressive.  (see Success Stories). 

The DGS manual contains a complete formal professional business proposal, enabling you to create customized professional business proposals in a matter of minutes and also contains an invaluable legal Sponsor/Player contract, drawn up by an attorney at an original cost of $500.00, both of which can be used by simply filling in the appropriate blanks. The manual further contains many helpful samples, including cover letters, letters seeking corporate sponsorship, a division of income statement, general and detailed tournament itineraries, detailed tournament expense budgets for both individuals and families (including at home expenses to be covered by sponsors), an end of season financial statement, bookkeeping and expense records, projected income statements, a color copy insert and an important frequently asked questions section. Additionally, it contains some 30 pages of detailed and thorough discussion which answers all your questions and more

Finally, a comprehensive list of all worldwide men's, and ladies', major and minor professional tours, complete with contact names and numbers, is included; a priceless source of information for no additional charge! 

If you follow the steps in the manual, you will raise money!



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